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By Beryl Dalton

With the internet as a necessity these days, more and more businesses are actually taking advantage of this boom of technology. Of course one of the industries that have really made use of the online world would of course be none other than real estate. Now for those who would want to get into this line of work, he has to make sure he knows how to create an online presence. One way to do that would be to learn how to make a virtual tour for real estate websites.

Of course the very first step in this process would be the planning process. As one would walk through the estate that he is going to sell, he has to make sure that he knows about the important features. He is walking through each room in order to take note of some important things.

Now after doing this, the very next step would be to bring out the camcorder and do a little shooting of the entire place. Now from the last step, one has probably already taken note of the focus points which means that he would know how to angle the camera. So once that is done, he should start shooting.

Now one very important thing to take note while filming would be to make sure to go slow. One has to walk slowly into the room and stop for a moment in order to capture some of the best spots. So in this stage, he has to take individual movie clips of all the rooms in the house.

Aside from doing that, he should also take picture of some of the outer parts. He has to take picture of the entrance of the building as well as the back. If there are some other attractions there like a pool or a lawn, he should capture that too.

After doing that, then one can now upload all the photos and videos into his laptop or computer. From there, he has to create a sequence for all pictures and videos and connect them using a video editor. With a little bit of editing and some effects, the video will look very nice.

Now the final step would be to add all of the sounds like the narration and probably some music. For those who do not have built in microphones, they can just record the narration on their phones first and then upload it later on. From there, all they have to do is do some minor tweaking and the video is done. Once the video has already been finished, then it can finally be uploaded to the website for the clients to see.

So for those who are going into the real estate industry, these are some tips on how to have a great online presence. Now for the companies out there, this is definitely a great strategy because it can save time and money. Companies in Santa Fe Springs CA are known to always use this strategy in order to bring in more clients because this is actually proven to be an effective way to be more interactive with the clients who are now more internet and technology savvy.

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