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By Abe Johnson

Entrepreneurs are heading to the internet to generate supplemental income by selling jewelry online. If this is something you are passionate about and would like to earn extra income from home than make sure to read this comprehensive guide on virtual marketplaces.

Being apart of a network is a great way to garner support and learn tips and tricks of the trade. These types of networking relationships can really benefit your company and guarantee you survive in the online world.

The safest method of payment for your business is cash. When you take cash, you are less susceptible to fraud. Avoid taking checks, money orders and bank transfers if possible. Accepting any of these methods of payment can make you a victim of fraud.

Your uploaded video must be of top most quality. Prospective viewers or customers quickly lose interest in viewing your video if the quality is below par. So, professional cameras for example, Electronic News Gathering (ENG) or Electronic Field Jewelry Production (EFP) cameras may be used. These will ensure best quality pictures and therefore more viewers.

Provide an update online catalog with lots of photos to encourage potential customers to buy. Supply clearly written information, without technical language or jargon. Include clear instructions to order online or by phone.

Start your advert for December early, preferably from the month of October. Save your budget for December so the holiday season captures the majority of your competitions sales. Most businesses make almost 40% of their annual profit in the month of December. So make a point of taking advantage of that hype.

Make sure your customers know exactly how to make a purchase. Give them instructions on the process. It should be easy for them to contact you. You should have a system in place to respond to customers. You should have a person on standby to answer questions or someone to walk them through any issues. Another option is to have a help button or email link.

Make sure that your website is well maintained and your customers can navigate properly. If it is easy for them to buy jewelry from your website, they would love to drop in and buy but if they cannot find what they actually want, they will buy it from some other place and never look back.

Be careful and watchful for fraudsters. Do not respond to unsolicited for emails, they may be scams. If you receive any communication in form of an unexpected email purporting to be coming from a certain source e. g. a company then use an alternative means to inquire to them directly whether they actually sent you a communication.

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