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By Jeff Howard

How much would you pay for good, helpful advice on how to properly start up a successful web store? Well, put your wallet away. We've already put together a list of suggestions from other successful entrepreneurs who are making money online right now. Read on and learn just how easy it would be to join them.

A picture says a thousand words. They are the most useful way of depicting the mobile device accessory that you wish to sell. Try to get as many good pictures and angles of the mobile device accessory that you can, to give the customer a good idea of what you are selling.

Give discounts to customers for referring their friends and family to your website. People are connected these days through social media too. Offering a 10 percent discount to buyers who recommend your mobile device accessories or services will accomplish a higher sales rating as well as new business.

PayPal is a great company to use for setting up online payments. When setting up a business account with them, you'll pay a small fee for their services in exchange for fraud protection.

People are not going to run to your business just because you open a store online. You need to make your site outstanding. You will need to have an attitude that is proactive and be creative. Traffic will be attracted to your website if you do this. The goals that you set should be realistic. You have to work hard to reach the goals that you have set and see the benefits for the business that you have online.

Smartphone and tablets are used by over 25% of the online shopping population. That's way it is imperative your website is formatted for mobile and tablets so smart buyers do not face a disadvantage when visiting your site.

Grab attention for your website by offering special drawings and raffles. Offer high-priced cell mobile device accessories for the price of an inexpensive raffle ticket. This will get customers looking at your mobile device accessory and will excite them about your store. It will also increase traffic to your website.

Help your customers to become acquainted with you and your story. Post your business history and mission online so that your customers come to view you as a real person and not a theoretical one. If they come to like you as a person, they will be more apt to buy from you.

Holidays are a great time to do a major sales push. Offering month long discounts is a perfect way to keep them coming back. You might need to hire additional staff to aid with fulfilling orders throughout the holiday season.

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