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By Joe Burke

Video is here to stay. And content marketing has always been on the best of the list in terms of creating solid search engine rankings. Do you realize that around 80% in the internet users view at least a single video monthly? That translates to 2 billion views every day!

If you are not creating videos for your the internet business then you happen to be missing a huge opportunity to promote yourself online.

Making a video is also quite inexpensive. All you'll need to began today is a smart phone, an inexpensive flip camera, or even a simple screen capture program and it is possible to create a great video within minutes. You are able to even choose free video editing software that will add titles and captions.

But note I said half decent. Almost everything you do to promote your business should be outstanding quality, not something you did simply because everyone else is doing it.

But do not let cost keep you broke. Which means you truly do have to match the high quality of your videos for your market place and what you're attempting to do. Developing a high finish brand using a low finish "talking head" video most likely won't cut it.

In the event you haven't started video content marketing or you're not having good results, then it is time to change strategy and start using video.

Plan your work and work your plan. Treat your video content marketing efforts exactly like every other top dollar marketing campaign. Know exactly what you would like to accomplish and why and in what time frame.

You wouldn't post just one blog comment on your internet site and you can't just make one video.

One issue to keep in mind is people usually do not prefer to be sold anything but they do definitely prefer to get issues and be entertained. So while there is certainly a place for crass commercial style videos, you'll be able to typically produce greater bottom line results by not directly pitching any product or service.

The upside should be to generate a significantly better and more engaging video then your competitor, then you are able to win the video content marketing game.

Video Content Marketing - Viral versus Ongoing Visibility

Years ago Old Spice ran several videos which designed a nice fan following. Then, with no warning, they stopped. This resulted were a lot of unfavorable feedback.

Don't let this happen to your organization. Plan to make a video every two weeks or once a month. As you build a loyal following you don't want to let those people down.

Creating an ongoing dialogue with viewers is far more crucial than attempting to determine the best way to make one particular video go viral. All that does is get you 15 minutes of fame.

By consistently producing good, informative and beneficial videos you'll be able to develop an escalating fan base over time, just like developing a blog. Once you've established a superb reputation for making excellent videos, the fans will be looking for your videos. They'll be eager to share the contents socially.

Plan a Video Marketing Campaign

A superb idea is to plan your video marketing campaign in the beginning. Pull out a folder and label it "Video Content Marketing" and select at the very least six months worth of video posts. Attempt to do your marketing and focus on delivering useful content, and do not forget to be original!

You can constantly have a central character and run a storyline via your video series. Hold the viewer hanging in the end of each and every video and eager to discover what takes place next - just like a television series.

This can be even less complicated to do in the event you offer a service. You may generate a series of funny videos displaying what takes place to people when they do not use your service.

If you have a marketing budget, think about hiring skilled video script writers, short story authors and also a marketing agency to flesh out a storyline. Completed properly the payoff may be huge.

Come up with new and fresh ideas that you just might have ever though of before.

The aim would be to develop a loyal following by becoming inventive and consistent in your video content marketing efforts.

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