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By Steve Billesberger

One of the best ways to earn an income online is learning how to make money with affiliate marketing. For some Internet Marketers it is their sole source of income. Other people simply do it for extra income - "fun" money so to speak. Making money with affiliate products is possible for most people, and choosing an appropriate one is the first step.

There are, however, a very large number of affiliate products to choose from, and it's important to select the best ones. You may be wondering how to go about the selection process. Below are some reliable ways to discern which affiliate products would be best for you to focus on.

To start with, you need to spend a little time looking for an affiliate product that you like and that will pay you high commissions for every sale. Perferably you want an affiliate product that pays out 100% commission, but nothing under 75%. Basically the higher the commission you earn, the fewer products you need to sell to earn a profit. Since the commission is higher, your goal should be to sell even more to make mega-profits from your efforts.

Of course you only want to deal with those product creators who are worthwhile and create quality products. If you're choosing a smaller product that was created independently, however, this is a little bit trickier. You want to choose a product from a merchant who will respond to your questions and who will address any concerns that pop up regarding both the product itself and the affiliate process. There are tons of people who will never respond to your emails, and they are the ones to avoid all the time.

Like I mentioned earlier, some of the best products that you can choose to sell are products that you use yourself. This is an approach best suited to products that are part of your daily routine. For example, creams and other cosmetic products, clothing, books you enjoy reading and so on and so forth. The fact that you are already familiar with the product will make it much easier for you to discuss it with other people and that's really how things are sold. Your potential customers will find you more trustworthy if you are using the same product you are trying to sell to them. Trust is the central element of any company driven by sales.

If you are serious about how to make money with affiliate marketing, then may I suggest subscription type programs. These are great if you know how to market them and can make them work for you. Just be sure you do your homework because you do not want to hook up with an unscrupulous vendor. The thing about this is the competition is fierce, but if that does not bother you then that is good. No matter what kind of affiliate product you promote, you will have to work hard at it because that's just the way it is. If you want to truly enjoy online marketing success, then learn and keep applying what you learn all the time.

If you want the greatest chance of making money with affiliate products, then learn how to choose them well. Some products are definitely better than others and there are lots of things that go into figuring out which is which. What you have read in this article is just a tiny preview, and there is a lot more you must learn.

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