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By Darrel Jefferson

Many people think that selling is for the dogs or that anyone can do it. When you get into it though you find out there is actually a science behind it all.

A sales training education will teach you how to sell your products to your target audience. All salespeople have to start by understanding how they are going to get to know the audience that they are selling to.

You want to start by gaining a full understanding of your product and how it is going to fulfill the need of your target audience. It is important to show your target audience why your product is something that they are going to need. As a salesperson you will not only be selling, but you will also find that you are involved with marketing. Often times in small companies you will find that sales and marketing tend to intertwine on a consistent basis.

People may "poo poo" the idea of selling but it truly takes a person who is responsible and willing to take a hold on their own finances, especially when they are running on commission. Sales reps really have to be business savvy.

Fourth- Be the go-to-guy that people want to know. Don't act needy because that only scares away future networking options. This also requires patience as you learn that not everything happens in one day. Also realizing that developing a relationship of trust takes time is part of this too.

Practicing your networking skills throughout the time that you are in school is a great way to ensure that you are developing quality relationships. It is important that you know how you are going to talk with classmates and professors to develop quality relationships.

Friendly thank you letters or well thought out product descriptions make customers feel like they are dealing with competent professional. Perception is everything in selling and making your customers feel at ease is important for retaining those sales and referring to them later.

You do not want to burn bridges when you are working in sales or marketing, the community can be a lot smaller than you would expect. Do your best to get to know everyone that you work with and develop quality relationships with them.

Your clients can be another great source of networking. As you work with your clients, their recommendation can provide you with the ability to reach new clients that already trust you because of a simple recommendation.

If a sales person is really invested he will prove it through some blood, sweat, and tears. For many this can be by sitting down and actually studying it out. Ultimately dispelling the uneducated salesperson myth will take time. Competitive salespeople know what it really takes and that is all that matters. The difference between mediocrity and superiority in the sales world is education.

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