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By Stacey Burt

Trading is not a new process. People from centuries ago had been using it to facilitate their buy and sell process. Silk is sold out in exchange for silver, porcelain is given in exchange for a platter of pearl. It is a valid mode of acquiring products. Same is true for today.

The trend takes on two sides, those who like it and those who do not. While it has receive wide audience and users over the years, trade items online remain a source of debate for buyers who prefer different modes of getting an item that they want. Today, we will take a look at some advantages and disadvantages that these things have.

First advantage is the flexibility. Since trading deals a lot with items aside from money, then you can literally use anything that you have to get another. For instance, a computer may be traded for a flatscreen television set. The items need not to be of the same kind. As long as you can agree with the other person about it, then you are ready to go.

It also saves you money. The good think about bartering is you do need to spend anything from the purchase. Think about it as if you are buying a material using another material as the money. Bartering is prefered by people who badly needs to have something but is currently incapable of paying it in cash.

Not limited to material things. With bartering, you do not even need to part with your material things. You can use a service to trade for something. For example, if you want to borrow a limousine, you can instead pay for it by offering maintenance or cleaning assistance to the owner of the vehicle.

Along with its benefits comes the drawbacks. The most common of this is the trust issue. Most of the people you meet online are strangers, so you cannot expect to fully trust them. There is always this risk of dealing with someone who is not true to his word about your deal.

Trading also lacks what we call the customer protection. You are not really guaranteed of the deal unless you tried using the item for yourself. There are cases when one agrees to a certain exchange, only to be disappointed in the end for not getting satisfaction for the item. Since you do not have any formal paper saying anything about a warranty, the other trader will not be held liable.

The process is also open to compromise. The negotiation is flexible and you will from time to time encounter traders who will try to strike a deal that is not part of your original agreement. Also, it is not a gurantee that you will find the exact item that you may be looking for. In this case, you may settle to something lesser.

Trading items is your choice. But if it is your first time doing so, it is recommended that you stick your trading partners to people who you personally know. This will at least give you the assurance that you will get your deal as promised.

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