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By Frankline Bell

There are many great products available for purchase and download these days for our personal computers. These include music, audiobooks, creative fonts, games and a variety of software. However, before you download something onto your computer, you need to make sure that the download won't infect your computer with a virus or malware. Here are some easy tips that can help keep you safe and secure.

In general, there are plenty of well-known trustworthy sources out there where you can download and feel pretty secure about it. For instance, you probably are pretty safe downloading a new song from iTunes or an e-book from the Kindle store at Amazon. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Google and other big names typically are safe, but there are plenty of other sources of downloads that are much more dubious. If you are downloading a free game from a source you don't know, you also might be downloading a "free" computer virus. If you don't know the source, do research about it prior to the download.

File extensions also can be troublesome, and these are located at the end of every file and might look like .gif or perhaps .jpeg. There are many different extensions and often those that look like .exe, .doc, .scr and .bat can be malicious. However, anytime you download from a source you aren't 100% sure about, it is wise to scan the file first with your anti-virus program.

One of the easiest ways for malware to spread around is through email. While an email from an unknown source is easy to simply delete, we tend to open emails from co-workers, friends and family. Often these people will send perfectly legitimate links to a video or a specific website. On the other hand, sometimes the email will look a bit odd and ask you to click on a link with little or no explanation. This often means your friend's email account has been hacked and if you click on the link, you will be hacked as well. Hover over the link, but don't click on it, and check to see that the source matches the description. For instance, the email might say "check out this YouTube video," but the link actually doesn't go to YouTube, but some other site. Don't click on these links and when it doubt, just delete the email.

Often when we are searching for something, such as a specific song or maybe a movie to download, we find a site offering the item for free. Copyrighted items, such as books, movies, music and games rarely are free and often these sites are offering illegal, pirated downloads. Not only are you breaking the law when you download illegally, often these sites are simply scamming you and what you are really downloading is malware. Never download from an untrusted site and if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is fraudulent.

Of course, even if you are careful, malware can happen and removing it is definitely time-consuming. It's typically much easier to just call a company such as GeeksAKnockin' and have them scan your computer and remove any malware or viruses. If you need Portland computer repair, Gresham computer repair or Hillsboro computer repair, give them a call and they can remove the malware, improve your overall security and even speed up your PC.

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