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By Stacey Burt

Many people are now shifting to the use of hand held devices or mobile phones in accessing the internet. Businesses need to realize that the kind of website designs they have will implicate on the user experience from using different devices. To ensure that you are aligned to these emerging trends in website designing, you should have a site that is optimized for mobile viewing through responsive website design Edmonton, Alberta.

Internet surfing is one main activity that is being carried out on mobile devices. From browsing the social media, checking emails, to doing online shopping, all is happening right from the hand held phone devices. Since the mobile internet usage is steadily increasing, website owners should ensure they design sites that are mobile friendly.

You may want to have a website that is designed for desktop users and another for mobile users, but then again, it will cost you more and may not be convenient. Now it is possible to have a website that is able to support both platforms of mobile and PC. A responsive website designing simply means that you have a site that is created so that all the contents including images and the structure will remain the same on all devices whether viewed from a PC screen or from a tablet and smartphone.

For instance, when a user views a site on a desktop computer, he or she will get a full view of that site. On the other hand, when the same user visits the site using a smartphone or a tablet, they are able to see it retract to fit the small screen. With this designing, you do not have to worry of difficulties in viewing the content from whichever device.

The content and images adjust according to the size of the screen. This not only increases the user experience but also helps in boosting sales on businesses. When businesses use the mobile optimized sites, they benefit in many ways. First, there is increased user experience. It is also easy to manage the site and the SEO campaigns. Businesses can increase the conversion rates as well as remain aligned to the demands of search engines.

A responsive design makes it easy for users to be able to access and navigate your site. They do not have to struggle with things like zooming or shrinking the content and images in a site to get a clear view. What happens is that the content is automatically adjusted to the size of the screen. If it is a small screen, it will retract and fit well and the same on a big screen.

When users accesses your site and find it difficult to navigate through or cannot see the content they want, they will abandon that site and head to another. This is likely to happen if you have not optimized your site to mobile use. Consider that the time taken by audiences when they land on your site will be used by the search engines algorithms to determine the ranking of your website on SERPs.

The earlier you make the changes, the better since you are preparing for that change in internet surfing. Since you have only one site that works on those platforms, you also implement one SEO campaign. It will cut back on cost as well as make it convenient to handle your marketing campaigns.

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