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By Stacey Burt

It is time for your child to graduate from high school but there is one task that has not yet been completed. Senior pictures must be taken by a Green Bar WI photographer and soon so your friends and family will be able to receive striking photos of your child along with her graduation announcement. Select a photography professional who will be able to envision exactly what you want for your teen.

Have your child choose several different outfits for the shoot. She will want to have both casual and formal photos for her graduating portfolio. Include casual wear, formal and semi formal clothing in the outfits to be worn. If full-length photos are to be taken, shoes are important also. Don't forget accent pieces such as hair accessories and jewelry. You may wish to have her hair done for the more formal shots first and then allow it to go back to its natural state for the less casual photos.

Add special props for more impact. Select the types that are related to her interests. She can bring along such items as a musical instrument or a symbol of a club she belongs to. If she is in sports, have her dress the part and shoot photos of her in a basketball uniform, volleyball uniform or even a swimsuit if she is on the swim team. Cheerleaders should take shots at the actual school or even before, after or during a big game.

If you have a friend or acquaintance who can do wonders with makeup, by all means bring her along. Appropriate makeup will assist in hiding flaws and will bring out the best features of the student. She will feel more confident and attractive and this will show in the final proofs.

You want the photos to be as natural as possible so it is important to convey this to the photographer. Give this professional some background as to your daughter's personality and interests so he will have a good idea of what photos will highlight her in the most positive manner. Ask him to take a few black and white and sepia photos for special effect.

Explain to this professional how you wish to have photos that show the student's real interests and true personality. You are seeking a true and very accurate record of her last year in high school.

Ask the photographer to take unexpected and unplanned shots of your graduating student. Sometimes it is these poses that are the most authentic and the most appealing.

If you have friends and relatives from out of town, choose a pose that reflects where you live. The green background of this state during the summer months or the snowy landscape during the winter will make an excellent backdrop for the photographs. School colors can also be featured for backgrounds in formal photos.

High school photos are important especially in the last year of school. Taking special care and time in selecting a professional photographer and the settings for the pictures will give you a quality outcome that can be viewed for years to come.

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