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By Robbie Sutter

For many businesses, ranking on Google is of the utmost importance. Considering that just about everyone uses the Internet these days, it's easy to see that this has the potential to not only elevate interest but expand an existing consumer base. Of course, there are missteps that can be made along the way. Fortunately, these are recognized by experts in Long Island SEO and here are 3 of the most common missteps which are worth recognizing.

According to firms along the lines of fishbat, Google rankings can fall based on the posting of false contact information. Keep in mind that Google users rely on said information to get in touch with the proper authorities, meaning that illegitimate phone numbers and the like can turn them away. It'll also result in Google's reputation being sullied, which is understandably something that the company does not want. This is just one of many talking points experts in Long Island SEO may draw attention to.

Poor keyword saturation is another essential point that's worth drawing attention to. Yes, constant linking to particular keywords can be an issue - no one can dispute this point - but I believe that it's just as important to recognize how anchor text may be used. Specifically, you have to ensure that this is changed up over the course of time. Even if you want to rank for a certain keyword, relying on said keyword can result in negative repercussions on the part of Google.

Finally - and you may be surprised to find this out - loading speed can negatively affect a webpage's Google ranking. Google may view this as an issue, seeing as how the average user is not going to have the patience to wait for unfamiliar websites to load. The goal is to have a loading speed that's around 3 seconds. Anything more than this can be seen as a liability and, as a result, may result in a page's ranking decreasing over the course of time.

Over the course of time, businesses stand the chance of moving up and down on Google. In order for the former to occur, it's clear that certain errors must not only recognized but worked around to ensure that the greatest levels of quality are seen. Fortunately, this is a process that can be handled with the usage of Long Island SEO and the services it contains. Organic, effective measures can be taken, resulting in rankings which can only be described as ideal.

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