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By Olivia Cross

Runway study is a process of studying the nature of runway and determining its essential features and relations. Designers uses different models to showcase their different outfits. Other companies and brands also showcase their collections. The role of a model is basically to promote designers product for instance outfit in different market in runway analysis.

The parade of moving bodies makes up an essential feature of a fashion show, and has given rise to the modeling profession as well as to a range of conventions of movements, poses and looks. It is accompanied by music which emphasizes the rhythm of movement and blocks out other sounds from the overall impression. The moving bodies are predominantly female models.

In the show, it comprises models, designers, consumers and photographers. For a model to be on this platform there are requirements needed as: height, weight and body size. The complexion does not matter a lot but in the current societal norms, dark models seems to have more demand than light models. Confidence and coolness that a model can give off while on the runway is key. Face wise it should be symmetrical and well defined, high cheekbones, eyes that stands out and a good profile. Female models height should be 5.7 inches minimum and male it should be 5.11 inches.

In the event, models have to showcase different designs, make overs as in change of hairstyle and make up, do the catwalk and posses for photos in all angles if possible. Runway basically showcases outfit because the audience prefer clothes as compared to any other form of product in the fashion show.

Runway models who are more experienced are the one likely to be hired in a high fashion show. Most of them sometimes create their own product line also go into acting. Some goes ahead and launch their own television series, Reality shows and programs. Some supermodels opens modeling agencies to nurture young talents in high commercial models. Some models regardless of their types can appear in the magazines as the face of it or another product.

Catwalk fashion shows vary from one dimensions to the other one. It helps in cultural diversity and models are in different forms that includes; supermodels who are highly ranked models, plus size models are the models who represent people with bigger bodies. Fitness models advertise ways to shape up your body by exercising and visiting the gym plus drinking a lot of water. Health models basically advertise the way to eat proper food and proper personnel hygiene.

Models walking down the platforms is a way of advertising products to the audience who most of the times are the customers or royal clients. Most celebrity purchases items when they attend these events. If they have an interest they can make orders automatically hence promoting the designer and creating wealth.

In the world today the runway being a female dominated industry is now having male models on the show. This has benefited the designers who makes male outfits and it has opened an opportunity for both the designer and the model due to job creation.

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