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By Earlene McGee

Aside from the pressure brought about by the competition, companies are also constantly bombarded on how to meet the product demand of the public. This is true to all business types. To ensure that all things are delivered at their best, detailed procedure has to be followed at all cost. And for the procedure to be effective, careful planning has to be done beforehand.

There are a lot of factors involved in the production process. This is why a manufacturing supply chain has to be created. Its model can vary from industry to industry, but its function is the same. It details the definite methods and steps on how a company can deliver the expected output from them.

Whether you are an owner or a manager of the production team, you need to know the basics. Those who are vying for a career on this field also has to make sure that they have the basic knowledge on what to include on the initial planning. Below are the basic and fundamental things included on the chain.

Concept. This is the primary concern of all projects. Without this, one cannot go on with anything. Its the concept that dictates what needs to be done next and what not. The creation of this requires the presence of the major key players of the project, who all have a thorough understanding on their brand. It is here where they plan out the proceedings that they have to follow.

Materials. Any finished product started out from scratch. But they are all composed of the same raw materials from the major parts up to tiniest bit. Finding the best quality material to serve the purpose happens here. Details like the cost estimate of the product can also be identified here.

Manufacturing facility. Next would be the facility that that the company already has. Is it big enough to cater the production process. Are the equipment competent and functional. Planning for this makes it easier for the people in charge to identify if there is a need to upgrade the current equipment that they are using.

Transportation. The cost of transportation can vary depending on the reach of the items. If you are a global company for instance whose distribution is worldwide, then setting the modes of transpo and the budget for each is only right.

Retail and Use. Of course, one also needs to plan ahead the retailers where they can entrust their products. They should ensure that the shop is credible and reaches the target market that the company has. Certain terms and conditions between different parties has to be agreed in advance.

Process matters. No matter how good the strategy is, if the team fails to follow the step by step method to finish the project, adhering to the market demand can be difficult. Evaluate your companys plan right now and see if every aspect is taken care of. Take time to review it with peers. Ask second opinion from co managers to be sure.

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