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By Olivia Cross

Receiving toys is very common when growing up; it helps children of all ages to exercise their muscles as well as improve their coordination and balance. It is also vital when it comes to using their imagination and they tend to gain self-confidence as well. Marvel action figures have been around for many years and both boys and girls alike have spent endless hours acting out different scenes from their favourite television show or comic.

Hasbro, the largest toy making company in the world has made many different figures over the years usually more compatible from the ages of three up. Many children love the Hulk as he looks like a green Avenger. He has got strength that is beyond everyone and he destroys evil instead of just fighting it. He is sold for about thirteen dollars.

The beginnings of this company started in 1923 with two brothers who were selling textile bits and pieces. As the years progressed they extended to making different school supplies as well as pencil cases. Three years after the founding of the company one brother left for another material company and the other, Henry took over. As the prices of producing pencils and pencil cases grew it was decided to make their own pencils and this became their source for future financial support.

Action figures must have a certain amount of attitude to them and these are generally referred to as points of communication. They can be moved into many different positions and have many interchangeable accessories. Many collectors argue that they must be able to move the head and both shoulders. Their sizes can range from three inches to eleven inches and are only made from moulded plastic. This includes their clothes and any other addition.

The Thor hero has a hammer that never seems to get broken and will always return. He is immortal, can fly and is not afraid of anyone. Due to the small parts he is not suitable for any child under the age of three. In some makes the hammer comes with batteries and is able to glow.

He eventually sold these figures for five thousand dollars to a cereal company where they were going to be inserted into breakfast boxes as giveaways. However the Hassenfeld Brothers, now known as Hasbro, offered him a better deal. Lerner together with the manufacturers bought the rights back for two thousand dollars more.

The Spider-man figure is over nine centimetres in size and can be moved to any position. He has a red and blue costume and depending on the make comes with translucent webbing. He can climb walls and cling to any surface for long periods of time. He also has super strength and is very popular with boys of all ages.

To add to their popularity there are now cups, water bottles as well as watches that are based on each of these super heroes. Boys T-shirts are always a very popular gift to give as well as pyjamas. Nothing is more exciting than being able to go to bed at night knowing that the print on ones top will keep one safe during the night and keep nightmares away.

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