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By Katina Brady

Its not easy to deal with numbers. Unless you love analysis and computation, you may find the task exhausting, if not boring. And yet you need to do it with accuracy. If you are tasked to do a report involving a lot of numbers, you have to be honest if yu can do it or not. If not, then you'll have time to find someone who can help you finish the task.

But sometimes, even the best efforts of this team may not be enough. Given that the data is big and complex enough, the aid of someone who is an expert on excel presentation may be needed. When deciding to hire the service of this person, excel consulting rates is among the top concerns.

Now this doesn't mean that the rates are the only basis that you should take note of when you do the selection. There are other factors that you should also keep in mind. Below are some of these things.

Field of specialty. As mentioned, many of these consultants have other jobs. Some of them are freelance writers, others are bloggers, accountants, analysts, you name it. But they all have one thing in common. They are knowledgeable about excel management. Your responsibility is to identify what are their field of specialization. Some of them may only cater services about data analysis, while others can do the entire thing until the creation of a summarized report.

Rate per hour. You have to understand that the most expensive one is not always your best option. If you have a budget, then looking at alternatives is a very good move. Also, you need to know that most of the consultants charge by hour and not on a fixed rate. Fixed rating is still possible depending on your agreement, but don't be surprised if your picks charge by the hour.

Client reviews. If you go online, you will see a lot of websites that contains a list of consultants in your country. This can also be a great time to read reviews and find out which among those names are receiving high commendations from different people. If you can find a link to their social media pages, the better. This way, you can connect with some of their followers and ask for feedback.

Company affiliation. It can also help in your search if you know what company are they affiliated to. Do not be surprised if you can see a lot of them working for different companies. If they are freelancers, then this is natural. There are also those who work on a consulting firm as a full time consultant, making them a full fledged excel expert.

Personal recommendations. It is easier to trust a stranger if someone that we personally trusts recommends his service. If you cant trust all the information you gather online, then its time to rummage your contacts and ask your friends, relatives and coworkers if they know anyone.

An experts rate is reflective of his reputation. Don't get too attracted with someone who offers a too good to be true price. The job that you have at hand is not that easy, so you cant just expect someone to take it and then deliver a good quality at a very low price. Be selective.

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