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By Katina Brady

Online trading is the in thing nowadays. Given the high internet access and the low cost of putting up products for sale, online trading outdoes the traditional brick and motor stores. Since it may be quite expensive to set up your e-commerce website, selling stuff through online trading stuff sites is always a great idea. It is cheap to set up your store and start selling stuff from the word go. Since there a hundred or even thousands of products that are listed on these sites, you need to have a strategy in order to sell first.

It is important to choose the site you will be trading your stuff wisely as it determines if you will be able to sell fast. There are free sites and others that charge a small fee to host your products your choice may also be informed by sites ranking by search engines, how easy it is to navigate the site pages and the number of sellers in the site. You may decide to sell in different platforms.

The seller should use the keywords that clients usually use in their search for such products. This adds more traffic to his site from natural search by would-be customers. One could also use keyword marketing tools where provided by the specific site for page optimization which gives better visibility.

Argument your products with an offer or free added service. You could think of quantity discounts, free deliveries or shipping for overseas customers. Such offers attract customers as they give them more value. The added costs for the offer should be included in the final price so that they do not dent your profits. The prices should be within the range of similar good in the certain site and not overinflated due to added offering.

The seller should post quality product images on this site. The clients make decisions on purchase from the images they see. Thus clarity is important. The images should show product details and should be taken from different angles if one does not show all that there is in the product. A white background is desirable but one can just edit any picture and remove the background.

Write a caption that sells. Show how the product is great for the clients. However, keep it short and concise. You may use bullet points to highlight the important features of your products. You should also have a good title written in standard font. Furthermore, the features of a product one is selling should give benefits to your clients. They should show the clients stands to gain on buying your products.

A video on the products is also a great idea if allowed by the site. It should however be short, informative and funny. It enables a seller to engage better with the visitors and is likely to convert many of them to clients better than captions and images.

Some sites allow escrow payments and a wide range of online and mobile payment options. Pick a payment platform which is easier and popular amongst the clients you are targeting. Many of your clients will write reviews of their experience with you and the particular product they bought thus ensure quality service. Where there are disputes, try to resolve them early enough without using third parties. This will give you good reviews from clients.

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