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By Katina Brady

Those who say that managing the flow of information inside a company is a piece of cake surely have not tried being on the job itself. Its more than just monitoring what comes out and what not. It also involves filtering these pieces of information to see which among them is of high priority and the like. Its a job that cannot be done a one person alone.

One of the information managed by a business is the personal data of its employees. As their employer, the business has a professional responsibility to ensure that none of their information is leaked outside the business premise. Several mechanisms are devised to facilitate this. One of them is the active directory password reminder.

Certain commands can be inputted on the system so that it will automatically remind the person of the need to change his pw. Sadly there are those who don't mind those notifications and go ahead with their work not minding about the importance of the change. If you are someone guilty of ignoring these notifications, then you shouldn't be surprised if you see them again and again.

Since the staff is given the authority to issue commands, they can very well detail how often the messages should appear. They can also send it both the cell phones of the persons and to their company email address. Unless you change your password, the notifications will keep on coming up. Be mindful that when you reached the expiration and you still did not make any change, you may not be able to access important business documents.

The notifications will also not be received by everyone at once. Schedules can be different for different departments or for different positions. For instance, the admin can schedule those who are heads of their departments to have the same day of notification sending. Their members can receive it some other time.

Theres a lot of money to the classified info found on the company's database. When these data are sold out to the wrong hands, the business can suffer great losses. This is why companies invest thousands even millions of money to make sure that their information is well protected. Otherwise, the damage can be priceless.

Ideally, passwords have to be changed every 6 months. But it can be sooner depending on the threat of theft faced by the company or a person in the company. Oral reminder to change log in information is no longer effective. Heads has to do something to force the change internally, thus the birth of the system.

Perhaps you haven't considered the gravity of care that you need to place on the data, especially the personal ones that are recorded on the company's database. But if you see the repercussions, you will understand why it has to be protected at all cost. It doesn't matter what position you are holding. As long as you are working within the company you have the role to protect its interest and vice versa.

Be responsible with your data and work along with the admin. If you are used to ignoring those minor reminders on the need to change your password, now is the time to break the habit. Don't wait for something compromising to happen before you act.

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