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By Janine Hughes

We are always confronted with the danger of information theft. Whether we think about it or not, the risk is there. We may not have experienced being directly affected by it but it is of major concern. This is especially true for companies who are working with huge amount of information. The need to make sure all of it is protected is very high.

The risk is very high that owners spend a significant amount of money to ensure its protection. Active directory password reminder is only one mode that ensures the regular protection of different information that comes in and out of the business. This is a method used to remind employees to change the current access that they have to a stronger one.

Sadly, a lot of employees take this for granted. Some of them continue logging in to the old account details that they have and complain about not being able to access it. Of course it will not work. After the resetting, you will be given temporary passwords that you need in order to access it. These temporary ones have limited lifespan. It is the responsibility of the employees to change it to their preferred ones.

If you encounter resetting from time to time, you should be thankful. This means that the company is paying high regards to your data. You should do your own share of responsibility by following the instructions that the IT team has provided. If you need help for password creation, do not hesitate to ask for their suggestions. Here are some of the most common and effective ones.

Do not settle for simple. Go for combinations. Simple passwords like a name of your favorite anime character is a bad log in info. This can easily be hacked. Create one that combines letters with numbers and with symbols on your keyboard. Be as creative as you can. As much as possible, do not make it readable.

Follow the eight character minimum rule. Make a password that contains at least eight characters using combinations. This is the best way to qualify for a strong log in access. Shorter than that and it will be easier to hack. There are many characters, numbers and symbols that you can utilize. Surely, they are not only good to an eight character combination.

Create one that is different from your previous passwords. As much as possible, your new access should not be the same with anything that you have used before. Create an entirely new one. Using an old one still has it risks considering that it has bee used in accessing information before.

Absolutely no dictionary words. This could potentially be the easiest things to hack. No matter how unusual a word sounds, if it is in a dictionary, then never mind. Hackers will surely know it as well. Explore your creativity and make your own word. As mentioned, combinations are your best bet. Stick with it.

No one is exempted when it comes to data stealing. The best thing you can do on your end is to follow what the experts recommend you to do. Personal of company information is vulnerable. Make some effort to strengthen it.

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