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By Janine Hughes

Buying clothing and toys for your children is an ongoing battle that never gets any easier. High quality items are pricey and your kids will outgrow their clothes faster than you can buy new items. There are ways around this problem such as buying second hand gear from auction sites, but a newer and great way to get what you need without having to spend a penny is to swap stuff online.

Bidding for items on websites can be fun, but it can work out costly when you get carried away; you will also be charged for sales that you make. This method of purchasing second hand items can actually work out to be expensive; you need to forget such sites and auctions and simply start interchanging your gear with people you find over the Internet.

The popularity surrounding swap shops is booming, and a favorite place to locate one for your local area is through social media. These shops are usually set up as groups, and as long as you abide by a few rules you will be free to interchange as many items as you want. Simply upload images of the items you have to swap, write a description, and add a description of the item you would like to swap for.

As well as swapping items, you may be able to buy them outright; this will always depend on the site that you are using. When you simply interchange items over the Internet no money needs to change hands and you can obtain new clothes, games, toys, and even a new car.

When your children are busy growing, you can choose to find another family to change clothes and games with. When you have children of similar ages, changing toys and clothes is easy and simple and it stops you spending money on brand new items. When your child becomes bored of her latest toy, simply change it for one she likes; it really is that simple.

Exchanging of clothes and games is extremely popular after the Christmas season; simply change the present or gift you do not need or want for one that you really want. Exchanging items of the same approximate value is a fail proof method of keeping all your family members happy.

When becoming a member of an interchange site, ensure that you abide by their fair trading rules. This means that you cannot exchange faulty items without detailing the fault; you would not be impressed if you were given a broken item and failure to adhere to the rules will result in you being removed permanently from the group.

If you are sick and tired of looking around at unwanted gifts after the festive season, simply take some photos of them and get them posted online. Exchanging items online is fun and hassle free and is just one more thing that the Internet is useful for.

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