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By Janine Hughes

There is a limitless amount of online resource allowing people to swap their unwanted things with others who may be in the same area or who may live in an entirely different part of the world altogether. These online resources have grown in popularity over the past few years, giving individuals the opportunity to source interesting new things for their home and lifestyle after making room by clearing out the things they no longer need or use. Items acquired through trading stuff sites may turn out to be quite valuable as well.

Some websites are specific to certain types of items only. For example, there are a number of clothes-swapping businesses online that allow users to sell, buy or swap designer shoes and apparel, which is a great way of saving money and getting further use out of many designer pieces that are most often only used once or just a few times. Other online sources specialize in swapping household items, furniture and other goods.

SwapStyle is one of those sites where you will find designer goods for your wardrobe. You can also get accessories and shoes as well as clothes. It is free to use this site, and you can pay 10 dollars to be able to verify your address, which gives others peace of mind once they have decided to do a transaction with you. You can find things from practically anywhere in the world with SwapStyle.

At Dig N Swap, there is no selling or buying done. This website is 100% about swapping. Many reviews find this particular source to be one of the best in terms of user-friendliness and the way the swapping is structured. At Clothing Swap Meetups, users will prefer the option to search for items by their location or zip code. This is a more eco-friendly option as individuals can then meet to hand over their goods.

At BookMooch, the process is all about posting the titles of the literature you have to give away and waiting for people to request them. When you send off the books, you will receive points that you can then use to request books from others. The more valuable the title, the more points you can get as a result.

Other sites to swap books include Paperback Swap and What's On My Bookshelf. Swaptree is a great resource online to find these websites, as well as offer links to online locations that also swap or trade DVDs, CDs and video games. SwitchPlanet and BrassicPark, like SwapTree, allows people to trade these items in particular.

SwapAce includes swapping and trading in books, video games, CDs, DVDs and a number of other different categories. Practically any item can be traded here. You will see tabs to access tools, cars and electronics to trade. You can also even trade services and then there is a miscellaneous category.

The benefits of finding online sources to trade items one no longer has use for include finding useful items at zero cost or a fraction of the cost to buy it new. Furthermore, being able to trade with people in the same vicinity allows for more environmentally sound transactions, reducing the need for shipping and delivery and also the costs associated with same. In current economic climate, this is a perfect way to continue to acquire new things on a budget.

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