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By Janine Hughes

Babysitterexchange- the site helps to build a neighborhood cooperative model of trade where everyone offers a certain service to the other for free. It has been rated among the top bartering websites because of the safety it assures members. It is an opportunity to find a baby sitter while you become their tutor and the other neighbor becomes a pet sitter, etc.

BizXchange- it targets the trade of all manner of goods and services among non-competing business entities. The platform enables you to benefit from the sales and marketing networks of your associate. It will reduce your market research budget and offer a soft landing since your partner on the other end is known.

Craiglist- the three ring circus, as it is described, operates like a wild newspaper classified segment. There are thousands of items for sale or trade. As a shopper, you are treated to a carnival shopping mood full of side shows. Regardless of whether you find anything to buy, the online window shopping experience is magical.

Freecycle- the site allows you to trade anything in your possession. It has built a culture of exchange especially where items have sentimental value. It feels like finding a home for that coffee table you value most. You not only give but you take something from the other person.

Gametz- this is a game trading zone with any video game and accessory on earth. The platform goes beyond listing the games in your possession to trading them. The process involves browsing through the libraries of members and setting up a trade. The trade may include other items which you will ship to each other.

Goozex- it serves traders with video games and computer accessories to exchange. Points are assigned to the goods listed with each trader accumulating points. Your ability to trade depends on how much you buy. This means that your tally increases with every trade.

Paperbackswap- The platform is for book lovers. It helps you to clear the excess books on your shelve and exchange them for new exciting titles. By listing ten books you wish to trade, you will get ten credit points. The person who receives a book you sent will give you extra credits. This method is cost effective, convenient, saves time and offer a wide selection.

SwapaCD- the site uses the credit model where sending out a CD earns you credit while requesting costs you 0.49 dollars. The model is similar to the paperbackswap and another called swapaDVD. It actually enables you to send an item from one site and get another from the other. A book can be exchanged for a DVD, etc.

Swapstyle- this is an exchange site for fashion and clothing. It serves as a trading center for shoes, cosmetics, handbags, jewelry etc. Lovers of trendy styles will love what is on offer.

U-exchange- this is an exchange platform that localizes trade anywhere in the world. Individuals register their items for visitors from that area. It offers a fun browsing experience with very interesting neighborhood deals ranging from electronics, cleaning equipment, carpentry, etc. This reduces the cost of shipping as well as guarantees safety since the exchange is one on one.

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