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By Paula Hess

Last year, LinkedIn gave its users the ability to publish their own posts on the social media website. To say that the response has been strong would have been an understatement, as more than 330 million people have taken advantage of this very feature. With that said, the platform could have benefited from a bit of expansion, which I'm sure any and all social media agencies can attest to. As of recent times, this ability has come into being.

LinkedIn, as it's been reported, has expanded its blogging - or publishing - platform up so that all English-speaking countries in the world can access to it. As stated earlier, 330 million people had access to it; this has increased by 230 million. As a result, it's easy to see that there is a greater chance of interaction that stands to be seen. Seeing as how several businesses and industries can be spoken about, under LinkedIn, this bit of news is made that much stronger.

If you want to talk about LinkedIn, as a whole, it's important to understand the way in which it approaches business. In fact, the working world is practically the basis of LinkedIn, which makes it different from other social media websites, Twitter and Instagram included. Of course, the idea of communication will remain intact, despite this. However, social media agencies will attest to the idea that this broader publishing platform will make said communication stronger.

It's easy to see that engagement can occur, on various networks, but only if the capabilities are present. This should always be the case, though, especially when considering that social media agencies rely on the engagement in question. Of course, in the case of LinkedIn, not every user has had access to this. To say that this been a problem would be an understatement. Fortunately, with this platform's expansion, firms the likes of fishbat may start to see heightened results.

Linked, when used well, has the potential to produce some of the most positive results in social media engagement. This is heightened by the fact that this platform has expanded over the course of time, allowing more and more people to use the site's publishing functionality. Of course, the ultimate success of this movement is hard to predict. If it is allowed the time to grow and develop, though, I am sure that LinkedIn will become an even better website to stay involved in.

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