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By Janine Hughes

An IT professional with CompTIA qualification is considered very competitive in the job market. CompTIA course offers practical skills required to master mobile devices, PCs, laptops and their operating systems. It is a standardized certificate that can be used to advance your career in different parts of the world. It has gained popularity and recognition with hundreds of thousands having attained the certification and are now reaping great rewards.

There are different options for individuals targeting the IT industry. The options include system security which covers organizational safety, access control and network infrastructure. Some of the specific areas include deterrence and mitigation techniques, cryptography, identify management as well as assessing network attack and vulnerability. This qualification gives you access to a very lucrative career in IT.

IT Technician Plus is open to individuals who have completed both basic practical and technical exam. For you to enjoy the benefits of this course, it is recommended that you have experience in the field or in the lab as an entry level technician. By the end of the training, an individual can install, upgrade, configure and maintain PC workstations in any environment.

Linux plus is for those targeting the Linux Operating System as administrators, operators, installers and troubleshooters. The training expands your knowledge of the system beyond what many beginners have. It acts as a stepping stone to such qualifications as Oracle Certified Associate.

CompTia Plus Network is a certificate designed for anyone interested in configuration, installation and media. It is a prerequisite to becoming an Installation Specialist, System Admin or Network Support Technician. You will gain a global perspective of networking which opens numerous opportunities for any IT professional. It gives you the basic knowledge required to advance into MC MCSE/MCITP or Cisco Certified Network Associate.

Server Plus certification trains you to handle the software and hardware parts of servers. With the skills you acquire, you can configure, diagnose, install and troubleshoot servers. You will study more about expansion cards and the supporting architecture of servers which gives you necessary skills to upgrade and configure their firmware systems.

There are two basic examinations that are mandatory before registering for any of the above courses. They are A Plus 220-801 and A Plus 220-802. The aim of the 801 exam is to introduce you to computer basics. You also will learn how to install, configure and network laptops, desktops and their related hardware devices.

A Plus 220-802 is more advanced and mainly focuses on configuration and installation of operating systems on PCs and other computerized devices. You will learn the features of network connectivity and how to integrate emails and other communication channels. Mobile operating systems like Android and Apple iOS are also included in this course.

The examination involves ninety multiple choice questions with the test being performance based. The candidate is given ninety minutes to complete the test. A person with six months lab or field experience stands a better chance.

There are two modes of study open to candidates seeking certification. They are school based and online programs. The learning centers have provided instructions in such languages as Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese, among others. The exam is marked out of 900 with a minimum score of 675 to 700.

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