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By Janine Hughes

There is a reason why companies spend millions of money to ensure that security of their data. Leaks can cost even more. Unauthorized access to highly valuable information can bring down a company. This is the worst case scenario every business would not like to experience.

One of the common ways to regulate the safe flow of information from coming in and out is through creating strong passwords. They serve as first wall of protection. While this is not a foolproof guarantee of safety, it is necessary. Employing the active directory password reset system in companies is another efficient means in protecting info.

Running this system requires a trained personnel who will be in charge of the management. That person will make sure that passwords and log in info are safe. You should not be surprised if from time to time your boss will ask you to reset the current one that you have. This is part of the drill to enhance the level of security in different levels.

The people who are running the system are not only IT experts. They are good managers as well. They know how to organize bulks of information and make sure that everything is accounted for. They know how to trace conversations using the recorded log in data present on the database.

As an administrator, he can reset multiple user account passwords. This can come in handy especially in big companies. If the higher ups suspect that there is some sort of information leak or if several passwords are compromised, they can just order the admin to reset their log ins altogether and provide a new one.

After doing so, he will then work on creating the right configurations that will allow individual users to access their accounts using a temporary one. Then, they can create a new password, something that they prefer. This process should be done as fast as possible to ensure that no amount of daily work is hampered.

The system admin can disable or delete accounts with expired passwords as well. Personnel who have expired log in info will be informed so and will be given a password that will no longer expire. If there are necessary changes, it will also be addressed with the help of the team. Needless to say, the details will be recorded or documented.

As to the issue of top information which can only be accessed by a few, the admin ensures that the password protecting them is protected. This means that employees who do not have the clearance to access it will not be allowed in. They will be alerted in case of forced access. Changes will only be done with the order and approval of the authorized personnel.

This method is proven to be an effective means of containing the damages caused by data theft. While there remains the risk of security breach, this, at present, remains and efficient methods that companies can do on their end. Given that skilled personnel handle the system, all personal and company info are kept on a tight leash.

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