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By Beryl Dalton

One of the reasons why oil mining is a very profitable business is because of the fact that it is a commodity with high demands. It is being utilized in many industries. It is not only utilized for commercial purposes but it is also needed by all people. Oil is mainly used for transportation and is also used as a main source for power when it comes to turning on heavy machinery. This is also the reason why large corporations rely on this substance for their everyday operations.

However, you have to know that one drop needs to undergo several processes before it can be considered a finish product. When you mine oil, there are also other substances that will be in the mix such as water and gas. It is necessary that these things be removed before the oils reaches the surface. And this can be done through the separation process. And this process is only possible through the separator sizing spreadsheet . This is essential for a person to calculate the exact amount of the substances in each of the batch.

This is where the Excel application is very important. If you already have this program, all you need to do is to download another software that will enable it to perform advanced calculations. There are various software available in the web. But you should always check their quality if you are going to purchase them.

When oil is mined, it is not just oil. There are also water elements as well as gas. And it is important to purify it for it to work. And this is the reason why it has to undergo various processes for the water and the gas to be removed or be separated from it.

One thing that you have to know about separators is that there are different types out there. But the main elements that are needed in the process must be present no matter how different it is from the other. For example, a separator must have various vessels for several levels of the separation procedure. There is also a need for it to have volumetric liquid capacity so that it can handle surges of liquid whenever this happens.

If you are wondering what the main functions of the separators are, one would be the removal of gas from oil. In this case, the basis for the calculation would be the chemical characteristics that are seen in the oils such as the temperature and the pressure to know the exact amount of gases to be extracted.

There is also the separation of oils and gases. In this process, the basis would be the difference of the density of the liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons so that the amount can be determined. There has to be a strict inspection of the gaseous content in the material before it is released.

Aside from this, water also needs to be separated. After the separation, it can be treated and it will be used for other purposes. This was a process that was almost impossible before. But because of the many breakthroughs, things became more simple and convenient for all.

One of the major requirements when it comes to the equipment is the pressure. It must always stay intact. This is needed for all the processes until it is fully purified.

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