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By Rob Sutter

This past Sunday, I took it upon myself to watch Wrestle Kingdom 9. For those who do know, this is one of the landmark pay-per-views under the umbrella of New Japan Pro Wrestling. As a longtime wrestling fan myself, I have never seen anything related to NJPW the entire way through. However, after sitting down with it, I was left impressed. It also made me wonder how Long Island advertising agencies could have further marketed the event.

I believe that it's important to go over Wrestle Kingdom 9, in relation to its connections to Global Force Wrestling. In fact, it was because of this collaboration that the event in question was able to air across North America, thereby expanding its audience. The inclusion of commentary done by Matt Striker and Jim Ross only made the show that much more special. As a newcomer to NJPW, these touches allowed me to get into the event much easier.

Of course, the action itself was tremendous from start to finish. It seemed like just about every match had a purpose and many of them had distinctive feels from one another. Everything from mixed martial arts to outright brawling was covered, which made for a well-rounded show. Styles were varied, which meant that the risk of fatigue was low. As a result, the five-hour show felt like it only went on for about two, which is a positive point to say the least.

Of course, one has to wonder what would happen if this show had the backing of Long Island advertising agencies. I believe the inclusion of social media would be highlighted the most, seeing as how most news travels quite fast across the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Content showcasing the date of the event and what's to be expected would be expected. However, it would have to be done in appealing ways, which is where firms like fishbat would be most helpful.

Even without this level of advertising, it's easy to see that Wrestle Kingdom 9 earned respect amongst its target audience: pro wrestling fans. They were able to get into a product that was far different from mainstream wrestling, as it contained action and storytelling done within the ring. The inclusion of English commentators is icing on the cake for those who consider themselves newcomers. With Global Force Wrestling in place, who's to say that more NJPW pay-per-views can't find their way to the States?

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