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By Robert Sutter

Whether you are talking about banking or what have you, no one is going to overlook the simple idea of convenience. I do not think that anyone will be able to argue with me on the matter, either, especially when you see just how many people seem to still go with their checkbooks. Why is it that these are still put to use, even though credit cards have proven themselves as well? There are reasons to make the change, as Bob Jain will support, and here are 3 reasons to do so.

1. Imagine the amount of time that you will be able to save in this field. After all, there is so much time that can be saved, which is something that cannot be said about taking a check from its book, only to hand it to a teller so that he or she will be able to process it. Even more time may be wasted if a consumer did not fill out the check until the very last moment. For the sake of time, I feel as though a credit card should be put into effect.

2. What about the idea of paper not being utilized nearly as often in this regard? It's definitely something to think about, especially when you realize that the world we live in is oftentimes facilitated by electronic means. It's not hard to see why, so what are those who continually utilize their checkbooks going to gain out of making such a change? If they are able to go about such an action, paper is going to be saved and perhaps helping the environment will weigh well on their minds.

3. Putting credit cards to use is important, as authorities the likes of Robert Jain can tell you, and I think that their instantaneous usage is something to cite as well. Consider the fact that there is so much time spent from writing out checks to watching them become approved at just about any teller that you can imagine. The authentication process is, for the most part, immediate when you are talking about putting these cards to use. I believe that Bob Jain understands consumer-friendly banking services quite well.

It's apparent that credit cards are going to be put to use, which is something that goes without saying, especially with the work of Bob Jain in mind. Why is it that people seem to be so reliant on checks, though, even though they seem to be more archaic by comparison? I think that it all comes down to the idea of routine. Even though this may be true, though, I feel as though far simple processes exist and they are more than worth putting to use.

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