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By Jeannie Chapman

You must have encountered a dental procedure whereby a dental specialist scraps your teeth with a metallic instrument. This procedure is referred to as scaling and is aimed at keeping your teeth healthy. Long time ago, this procedure was done by hand using a metallic scalar. Although it is used nowadays, this procedure is not very common. The most efficient and effective procedure is known as ultrasonic dental cleaning.

This ultrasonic procedure is actually a painless new method that provides patients with a more thorough cleaning compared to scaling or manual dental cleaning. This method was discovered long time ago. It was mainly used to clean the parts of an aircraft. Nowadays, dentists use it to carry out dental procedures. The method is a cost-efficient way to clean teeth of a patient.

The process is quite simple. A scalar used is very thin. It is held against the tooth to be cleaned and sound waves are redirected to the tooth in order to cause the plaque to break up. Sound waves are effective even if the tartar is hard to break up. Water that comes from the scalar washes the broken tartar or debris.

This method has a lot of advantages. First, the procedure does not cause any damage to the enamel. Patients do not feel pain while the procedure is being done. This is because the cleaning is done by the vibrations from the ultrasonic instrument used. Other common manual methods cause damage to enamel and this may lead to other teeth complications in future.

It is an appropriate procedure for individuals with gum complications. The scalar used in this procedure is able to reach below the gum line to eliminate any kind of debris there. This is done without damaging your teeth and that is why it is good for patients suffering from gum diseases. Dentists also use the same procedure to patients suffering from periodontal diseases.

Another beauty of this method is that you can gain a wonderful smile quickly. You cannot compare it with the slow hand scaling method whereby patients spend a couple of hours with their teeth being cleaned. With this new and faster method, the procedure can only take a few minutes and notice your great smile.

You should note that this method can remove heavy stains that are hard to eliminate using other traditional methods. Such stains include nicotine, tea, and coffee. Any of the mentioned hard stains can be removed very fast using ultrasonic procedure and leave your teeth extremely white.

The ultrasonic dental cleaning procedure has tremendous benefits. This procedure is painless and enables patients to take control of their diseases and helps slow down further damage. Also, patients lose their fear of dentists and receive quicker and more effective cleaning.

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