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By Harriett Crosby

A business that is looking to be successful should have good communication instilled. This goes for promotion, customer interaction or e-commerce, being able to communicate with clients is essential. There are business telephone systems on the market today that can meet the communication needs of most businesses and most of these are very easy to use.

Two things that a company, whether large or small, should take into consideration are the immediate needs of the business as well as that of their clientele. By assessing response times when it comes to user feedback, this may help to determine what type of phone system will be the most compatible. This will also help to improve sales and overall customer satisfaction.

As many businesses are using the web to conduct various transactions, being able to give and receive information in little time is vital. This applies to all contacts whether they are individuals or other businesses. Their feedback can make a big difference when it comes to revenue, whether it be an immediate sale or forecasted.

Sometimes, management feels that having a live operator, or receptionist, is the only way to build positive relationships. While this is true to a degree, it can also be costly, especially in the case of 24 hour coverage. However, the new phone systems can provide an excellent backup for when a live person cannot provide live coverage during peak or off periods.

For the business that has vendors and other transactions that take place outside of their local area, setting up a detailed phone menu for incoming callers is ideal. This should not be limited to a general greeting that simply tells callers to leave a brief message. There should be a customized outgoing message that is to be used for every department within a company.

When clients and others have menu options to choose from, it can make a difference in the customer service experience. Whether the voice mail greeting tells callers to leave their contact information or give other information, callers should feel as if they accomplished something. If the incoming call is an emergency, there is usually an option that forwards the call to a mobile phone number of the contact best qualified to resolve a particular situation.

When the caller has choices, often they are reassured that the company they are dealing with cares more about their needs than the bottom line. Some companies tend to assume that their online presence will satisfy customer needs when the office is closed. In some cases, this is not true but the two can work together so that there is strong coverage and users will once again feel like someone cares about their needs.

Occasionally, there will be exceptions when it comes to addressing caller needs when no one is in the office. As far as the majority goes, many phone models are available that companies may choose from to suit their immediate needs. Having business telephone systems is not a luxury but often a necessity for any company looking to grow.

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