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By Jeannie Chapman

In today's modern society, pest-control businesses are booming. This is because virtually all property owners have experienced insect infestations at one time or another. Many companies provide devices to homeowners that are designed to eliminate such pests from the person's dwelling. The effectiveness of such products vary, depending on what type of method is being used. However, over the past few years, ultrasonic pest control devices have experienced a significant increase in popularity.

Many individuals have benefited from using such devices on a regular basis. However, other consumers find that traditional measures work better. For this reason, it is essential for all homeowners to try various products and techniques in order to determine which one works best for their needs.

Learning more about products of this kind and how they function is beneficial. It is also wise to read about numerous insect control techniques online. This will help shoppers to choose the best method for their home.

The theory behind ultrasonic technology for controlling pests focuses on repelling such vermin by generating sound waves that irritate rodents and insects. The human ear cannot hear at this range, and therefore the sounds do not disturb those who live in the dwelling. Numerous individuals find this highly beneficial.

Although the sounds from ultrasonic devices do not kill the aforementioned pests, they do ultimately result in their elimination. This is because when certain insects or rodents come within fifteen feet of the sound, they quickly do an about-face. This is due to the irritation they experience when the device is transmitting sound waves.

In some cases, pests that are particularly stubborn will try to hide behind appliances, furniture, or other areas that the sound waves will have difficulty penetrating. However, nothing will stop the frequencies from eventually reaching the pests and motivating them to exit the premises. If rodents are the problem, the repellers should be positioned where the walls touch the floors. This is because mice and rats like to run along the side of a dwelling's walls. The best position for such equipment when it is being used to eliminate insects will depend on where the latter typically coagulate.

Ultrasonic sounds usually exceed twenty kilohertz on the radio frequency scale. It is an unfortunate fact, however, that certain breeds of dogs can also hear such sounds. For this reason, devices of this type should not be used if one has a pet dog. Fortunately, birds and cats do not hear sounds at this high of a frequency, meaning such devices can be used in dwellings where cats or birds reside.

It is possible to purchase a device that emits an extremely potent frequency that can actually cause organic damage to rodents or insects. However, a frequency of this magnitude may also cause neurological disturbances in humans. Although this theory has not yet been proven, it is wise for homeowners to avoid devices that emit such a frequency.

The aforementioned equipment can be placed in virtually any dwelling. Devices of this type can be acquired in conventional retail outlets or via the Internet. However, some consumers prefer professional installation when investing in such devices. This decision is primarily based on the homeowner's personal preferences, but those who are confused about how to properly install an ultrasonic pest control device should turn the task over to a professional.

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