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By Jeannie Chapman

Whether you have a full-time job or not, a little bit more cash somewhere in the month will always come in handy. A large number of people are also struggling to make ends meet with their regular salary and often try to think of ways to make extra pocket money. If you are unemployed, or have only part-time work that does not bring in much, you could definitely make use of the following tips to help support yourself and your family.

There are a few things to consider before you decide which work you are going to do. You can do things that will just make a once-off bit of cash, or you can do things that will bring in an ongoing income. Some types of cash-making activities can be done online, while others require the handling of various materials offline. You should also consider whether you are prepared to invest any money into your venture.

Money can be made at a yard sale if you have some things that can be sold. You can put up a notice at nearby shops so that all your neighbors will know about the things you have for sale and when the yard sale will be held. Your prices can be negotiable. Furthermore, you can make on-going profit if you are able to buy things cheaply and re-sell them.

The internet is another good place where you can sell things you don't want anymore. There are websites such as eBay which allow you to place items for sale. You can add a photo, and also describe the style, color or make of item for sale. Often, adverts can be placed for free.

Those who like to write can do well online, as many website owners hire writers who can provide professional work. The rates paid for articles will vary, depending on their length and the budget of the employer. If you have a flair for writing, look online for sites that offer writing projects, and see if you can accept a few to make some money. You will need access to the internet, but no other funds to get started.

Online, there are many more opportunities as well for those who have other skills. There are plenty of jobs for those knowledgeable in computers and marketing. Photographers can even acquire online work. Carefully browse websites which offer freelance employment and determine the types of work which will be best suited to your skills.

Offline, a bit of pocket money can be made from delivering papers, or you can offer to help out at your local theater or concert hall. These types of places often need someone to help them with technical work and with moving things around. If you have a creative flair, consider designing wedding invitations, restaurant menus or advertisements for shops and other businesses.

Extra pocket money can also be made by offering babysitting or pet-sitting services. If you really love children you could even turn your home into a daycare center. Access to a vehicle such as a truck can be useful. You could start a moving service or collect scrap metal for profit. For some additional cash each month, all you need to do is use your imagination.

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