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By Jeannie Chapman

Setting up your own business can mean you have a lot of costs. You may not necessarily have the budget to find a graphic designer to create a fancy business card for you. However with a bit of ingenuity it is possible to use Microsoft Publisher Business Card templates.

As the name suggests everything is laid out as you need it. All you need to do is add the details that are applicable to you. The kind of template you use will depend on the product or service that you are offering your potential clients and how you intend to promote yourself to them.

There are different types available. What you need to consider is whether or not you want a single or double sided card. A single sided one is ideal if you only have a few details that you need. There is also the added advantage that if you need to write a note for a potential client there is something to write on. For example you may want to let them know about an upcoming event or special offer and having it written down will often be a good reminder.

A double sided design is better suited to people who want to provide additional information. For example you may have a promotion that you want to spread the word about. You can have your contact information on one side and the details of an offer on the other.

Each template is designed with a certain type of business in mind. For example if you are someone who is involved in arts and crafts you would want a design that reflects that. However the kind of design you would want if you run a cab company or if you are a plumber would be completely different.

The program also includes what is known as a Master Design set. This means that once you have established a design with your own logo and details for your business cards this can also apply to letterheads, brochures and so forth. This helps to establish a brand identity for potential clients. Another thing to decide is if you want portrait or landscape orientation. Portrait means the images and information are presented vertically while the landscape design means the images and information are presented horizontally. Whatever option you choose remember to check the print preview in order to ensure that the design fits the orientation.

When looking through templates consider the kind of product or service you are offering and whether the template works for it. Brighter colours are often best for companies targeting children or for artistic businesses. However if you are involved with finance or insurance you may want a simpler design with just the logo and contact information in order to give a sleeker and more professional look.

As well as the Microsoft Publisher Business Card templates included with the program it is possible to find a number of other ones online as well. You should also look online to find tutorials to help you develop effective looking cards that will get the attention of potential clients. With the right approach you can get the most from your cards!

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