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By Derick Scartel

It can take countless hours to arrange the work schedule for any group of employees. In a plant with three shifts it can take too much time and attention away from the other tasks a manager must perform. With the implementation of an employee scheduling software both time and money will be saved. A computer can schedule at a speed beyond what a person can achieve.

A manager wants to avoid wasting time because it has a negative impact on profits. If too few employees are scheduled, the volume of work suffers. If too many are on the job, the profits of the company suffer. Software makes decisions on number of workers faster than any human being is capable of doing.

Such a program does everything a manager can do and at a speed above his or her capabilities. A database is developed to track vacation and sick days for each employee and save those records. The payroll can be calculated and prepared based on those records.

Availability includes simple record keeping programs and more complicated ones that can track vacation requests, healthcare costs and manufacturing or distribution details. It facilitates easier gathering of information needed each year at tax time.

Many businesses do employee evaluations and the record of each worker can be added to the database. If bonuses are given out, this is a quick way to determine who deserves what. It may also contribute to major decisions on who to promote and who to let go.

Additional benefits include implementation of ways to respond to weather conditions for a business that does outdoors work, for example a lawn service or construction company. Use of company vehicles in an economical way and keeping administrative costs to a bare minimum is easily accomplished.

Employee scheduling software can facilitate interaction with mobile devices. It allows management to communicate with sales people on the road. If a meeting is going to be cancelled, the employee is notified and returns to the office rather than going to a meeting that has been cancelled. Overall, it helps a business to function smoothly.

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