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By Elaine Tyson

Managed services are operations of a business or service nature that have been outsourced to a third party. The main aim is to raise the level of efficiency and at the same time reduce the cost of doing business. Commonly outsourced operations include maintenance, production support and human resource management. The client maintains a contact station to monitor and coordinate operations between the two locations. It is the only way to ensure that the operations are smooth.

A client does not delegate all the duties in that department. He retains the veto power to a certain extent ensuring that major changes are only effected with his approval. Any misunderstanding or delayed communication between the two centers can precipitate a disaster. The two stations work in synch with the client exercising overall control. The location of the provider is likely to be in another country.

Having your services managed from another location offers incredible advantages to the business and on the consumer or client end. The most transformational benefit is increased efficiency. It means reduced turnaround time during production while clients gain confidence doing business with you. This is also fueled by the fact that the provider has specialized in the outsourced activity and streamlined the process of delivery. It means updated systems and refined approach to any issue that may arise.

Service providers have the benefit of seasoned personnel with total dedication and the latest infrastructure to offer particular services. This means that they are quick to spot and rectify errors in the process of delivery. This reduces the risks involved in case of a collapse and ensures that operations are running most of the time. With experience in different business models, the provider can foresee a problem and prepare a quick solution. They manage crisis faster.

Engaging an external partner is an opportunity to have your operations and systems under the monitoring of an independent eye. You still hold the power to accept or decline a suggestion that the partner may make. Such support and criticism allows the business to thrive and benefit from independent monitoring. It allows you to access the best systems in the industry and human resources as well.

A business gets customized services without losing control of operations. Customization takes care of the needs of each business including the uniqueness in its line of operation. A large business will be served with an appropriate system while a small organization will also find the right package at an affordable price. Customization takes to account the flow of information and order within an organization.

Outsourcing provides an opportunity to make incredible savings on capital investment. In the absence of office equipment, space, software or logistical challenges, a business can set up and begin operations immediately. Charges are constant with no threats of unrest, unplanned leaves and related staff benefits. This allows your business to remain in operation under all circumstances.

Spreading of risk associated with managed services is an added advantage. It means better security of documents and data in case of a disaster. With little expenditure in management one is able to maintain high levels of efficiency and production.

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