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By Rob Sutter

Those who consider themselves avid pro wrestling fans may have already been exposed to a select few podcasts. CM Punk, a former World Wrestling Entertainment athlete, took to Colt Cabana's popular webcast to air his grievances with the company he left early this year. To say that these are fascinating listens would be nothing short of an understatement. In fact, it can make someone wonder whether or not WWE could be in need of an Internet marketing company.

It was with these podcasts that Punk spoke about WWE and his harsh treatment by the company during his last few years there. Some of the issues that Punk brought up were medical, including the staph infection that he wrestled with for quite some time. It's also been said that staph infections, when left untreated, can prove to be deadly. What this does, more than anything else, is showcase the lack of the care on the part of WWE and its general workforce.

Creative censorship was another interesting point that Punk drew attention to as well. For those who are unaware, Punk suggested to the company that he would walk UFC fighter Chael Sonnel to the octagon for one of his fights. To Punk, it would result in more viewers for WWE, since one of their talents were associated with the event. The idea was not only shot down but soon given to Triple H, another WWE talent, as he was given approval to accompany renown boxer Floyd Mayweather. This is yet another idea that seems to further the need for an Internet marketing company.

Why does such a large company need an Internet marketing company, you may wonder? It comes down to a single idea: reputation management. WWE, at the moment, does not look very good and the fact that various publications reported Punk's podcast show that he was able to create a sizable dent in the company's armor. One could make the argument that long-term efforts with firms like fishbat can smooth over matters, though this is more of a hypothetical statement than anything else.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of dirt that has been thrown onto WWE in the past week or so. Light has been shed on the mistreatment of its talent and the fact that anything that doesn't exist in the status quo is either tossed aside or re-purposed for less effective purposes. Ideas like these are concerning, to say the least, especially for fans of the product. Punk's words have gained quite a bit of attention and, in my view, this has been for the best.

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