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By Enid Hinton

Everyone living around the world knows all about "The Invisible Woman, " "Captain America, " "Thor, " "Mr. Fantastic, " "The Human Torch, " "The Thing, " "The Incredible Hulk, " "Spiderman, " "Conan, " "Storm, " and so many more. These are all marvel action figures that have been selling in local toy stores for decades. Fortunately there are so many people who love these characters and certain toy companies will continue to produce them.

A creative man called Stan Lee decided to invent a story about a family who takes a trip into outer space. After the four people are hit by cosmic rays they gain super hero powers. The female of this group is known as Sue Storm and she can now make herself transparent. A toy company called Mego liked the image of this woman and they decided to turn her into a lovely statue.

Little boys did not like the idea of playing with a female hero and they tried their best to avoid this particular toy. On today's market a brand new doll of Sue will cost a huge sum of money since she was so unpopular forty years ago. Mattel even tried to produce a likeness of this doll when the "Fantastic Four" movie came out.

Sue is married to Reed Richards who is known as "Mr. Fantastic." The Mego company was smart to create this certain item as well. Reed Richard's statue looks just like the comic book character and toy collectors everywhere try to bid on this item. He also sells for a high price if he is still new within his original package. Both Reed and Sue look exactly like the characters presented in the books.

Even though Mego hit it right on the mark with their "Thor, " "Invisible Woman" and "Mr. Fantastic" dolls they really fouled things up with the super gals from DC. Each and every one of these women look the same and they do not even have mature looking faces upon them. It is well known that a certain writer wanted Mego to make the Susan doll exactly like her character in the books.

"Conan" came out around the same time as the "Fantastic Four" statues. Hollywood went on to produce several movies about this character but the latest one was a huge flop. When "Conan" was first introduced he had long hair and later on Mego decided to give him shorter locks. "Classic TV Toys" has decided to remake this doll for the people who cannot afford the original item that was produced years ago.

It is sad to say that forty years ago the toy companies which produced these toys thought about quality first. All of their products are very durable and the body type is better than the ones made today. "Thor" fans can purchase a variety of his statues since they are constantly being produced every year. Thanks to a movie called "The Avengers" a certain toy company continues to manufacture "Thor" products.

"The Human Torch" is also a much sort after item produced by Mego. Johnny Storm brought comedy to "The Fantastic Four" and every fan loves this character dearly. Every person on the planet knows that if Mego had survived they would have made a Johnny Storm statue as well.

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