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By Jashua Moses

There was a great deal of logic behind the decision Google made to purchase YouTube for over $1 billion. A number of people had a hard time figuring out why they would invest such a large amount of money in such a new company. Yet Google saw what no one else at the time did.

Videos have now become more popular than online searches, with tens of thousands of minutes being watched every single second of the day. Depending upon the type of video that you put up, it can actually go viral, driving substantial amounts of traffic to your websites and offers.

But for a sales page, you need to create a not just viral video, but one that's motivating, making people want to buy. Here's an overview of the things you need to do in order to create a highly converting sales letter that will allow you to sell a greater number of products every day.

Creating The Best Sales Letter Video - The first step of the process is to understand the benefits of your product, and lay those out in the video itself. Although some people are interested in features, it's what the product will do for them that is the most exciting reason that video sells so well. Some do not like to read sales letters, especially long ones that are written, even those that are crafted by those that charge five figures for their services. Video can use imagery, sounds, and connect with sensory perception in a way that a sales letter simply cannot.

Some people don't enjoy reading sales letters, particularly long written ones, even if they have been created by high paid copywriters. Video has the advantage of being able to use sounds, imagery and connect with people using sensory perception in ways that a written sales letter just can't do. So when you are planning out the video for your sales letter, you want to have it emulate what is written on the sales page. To convey the information, make sure to use a professional speaker and have upbeat music playing in the background.

Although this might appear to be a lot of work, it really isn't all that difficult to do. If you have some kind of video making software such as Camtasia, you can create a very professional video. Also, if you can get a professional voice over made, you will increase the chances that your screen capture PowerPoint presentation will make a high number of product sales for you.

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