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By Kamil Samara

Any smart marketer knows the bottom line for any promotion rests on ROI (Return On Investment). How much one puts in hopefully comes out the other side with a profit. For those who know how to use the hugely popular social network Facebook ad platform effectively, the ROI is particularly fairly high.

There are several ways you can use Facebook paid advertising to receive a boost in your ad ROI. Some techniques naturally will provide you with much better results than other techniques.

Make sure to carefully reviews the ad dimensions. There are amazing targeting opportunities that will determine how effective your campaigns are. Select the best location for your target audience, right age group and some interests. A general audience isn't what you want. It's important to dig deeply inside a specific niche. The more specific you can be about the characteristics of your audience, the higher your ad ROI is likely to be.

As mentioned already, your image in particular is key to success so carefully split test appropriate images for your industry. We're not saying to be the same here. Research what is working for your competition as well as whatever seems to be showing up in your news feed so you can engineer a winning campaign from other successful marketer's research. It should be obvious to select quality, vibrant photographs but be certain your image is eye catching to stand out from the rest.

Be sure there is a call to action included in your ad, if you want to achieve a high ROI. You need to tell your audience directly what you would like them to do. If you don't your paid Facebook ads are not going to be as meaningful. The text on a Facebook text does of course need to be very brief. However, it's still possible to provide your audience with some direction.

The last thing you need to do is track your ad's performance during the course of the campaign. Facebook provides you with some very useful metrics that you can review. They can help you determine which aspects of your campaign are not working and which ones are delivering the best results. If you adjust your ad while it live, this can help you reach an even bigger target audience and help you achieve the best ROI possible on your ads.

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