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By Jashua Moses

Overall, the business plan is pretty simple and straightforward. It will utilize three things: your own website, a Facebook fan page, and Facebook ads. Processing the marking will look like this: Paid ad - fan page - business site - newsletter.

The ideal model is to pick a field with large audience potential. Some examples are "weight loss", "going green", or "women's fashion." Then create a Facebook fan page and a corresponding website.

You post interesting content related to that niche on your website. You can use a combination of original content and short blog posts linking to original sources (this is called curating content). Your goal should be for your website to be the go to source for information in your niche.

Make sure that you share information that is useful to others each and every day. You will want to include pictures or images that are relevant to the specific content in your niche as well. Images can say a thousand words and draw in readers. This will help to bring your fan page more traffic and in turn more likes or fans.

Your website will have two purposes. First, it should generate income from the sales of affiliate products or from the ads like Google Adsense on your site. Second, your website should create an email list. From this email list, you should send out three to five emails every week in order to bring people to see new content that on your web page. Your website will have dual purposes. It will first generate traffic and thus an income through your sales on your affiliate ads or through the ads like Google Adsense. Next, it will ensure that you have a list for your emails such as newsletters and discounts that you'll send out periodically.

A good example of this type of model is The Mind Unleashed website and its Facebook fan page that corresponds. Their fan page has about 6.5 million fans. It is used to bring traffic to their web page where there are many Google Ads. If there are only one percent of the fans that visit the site daily, that's still almost 65 thousand visitors. It's an easy model and can be repeated.

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