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By Enid Hinton

The real estate industry including those in Chicago, IL is a competitive one. They encompass three main sectors of activity. The industrial, commercial and residential arenas. Within each main sector, there is fairly robust competition between sellers of property. Competition sometimes arises amongst purchasers if supply is limited. In order to be competitive on the selling side real estate video tours Chicago type technology may be warranted.

There are many different types of building structures, available for sale to buyers using the buildings for industry, commerce and residential purposes. Properties being advertised for sale often utilize still photographs of the outside structures as well as the interior of the buildings. Many of these still photographs are in printed form and may be black and white or in color.

Residential housing stock encompass different sizes, shapes and prices. Three main classes of building structures used for dwelling purposes are detached housing stock, row type homes and condominiums. Within each of the classes are many differences. For instance, two homes from the same class may be condominiums. However, one may have two bathrooms whilst another only has one.

Buyers of residential housing often employ the services of buyer agents. These are real estate licensed professionals whose role is to represent the interests of their buyer clients in their goal of becoming either first time homeowners, or repeat buyers. They view listings made public by agents representing sellers of residential housing and arrange for their clients to tour properties of interest.

When realtors work to get buyers into homes that are on the market, they frequently start the process by providing potential buyer clients with lists of available properties for sale. They are guided by the buyers preferences. Some, for example, may request listings that are within a certain price range. They are often irritated if the listings received are not within the criteria given to the realtors. It is worth bearing this in mind because successful realtors listen to their clients.

Those representing sellers, called seller agents, who are licensed property related professionals, have to compete with other seller agents who are also trying to get their clients properties sold. Making use of modern technology, to ensure that their listings stand out from the rest, is one very efficient and proven way for the listings to stand above the rest and be noticed by both buyers and their agents.

Making use of technology that not only shows still photographs, whether black and white or color but in video form can be advantageous. These sorts of videos often represent listings in a very effective and visual form. Showing much more detailed and visual representation of the interior of buildings missing from still photographs can have the effect of attracting more buyers.

Selling homes to buyers can be quite challenging. Properties on the market encompass industrial, commercial and residential purpose building structures. Seller and buyer professional realtors represent the interest of sellers and purchasers of real property. Making use of modern technology can result in quicker sales.

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