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By Enid Hinton

The popularity of PowerPoint cannot be disputed but the market share is quickly being eroded. The new applications seek to capitalize on other operating systems other than windows as well as offer alternatives for graphics and idea pitching. That said, what is better than PowerPoint for presentations? The list is based on the options offered by the alternative software and how these options make presentation easier.

Powtoon- this application makes it interesting to tell the story as well as present facts. It beats the others by offering excellent pitching story lines and attaching emotions to the presentation. The introduction of animated characters inspires the audience as well as captures their attention. It allows you to tap the presentation into a video.

Prezi- this is the strongest contender for presentations where ideas or concepts do not flow linearly. The slides are zoomed out into an inactive transparent background and activated by zooming in when they are required. Its popularity is increased by the quick access option and the fact that you do not require back and forth movement.

Keynote- this is a Mac and PowerPoint-clone-specific app with very simple interface. It is easy to use and presents a very simple learning curve. It is gaining popularity at an admirable rate.

Prezentit- the software is still in the alpha stage and therefore yet to be fully commercialized. However, it has caught the attention of presentation specialists because of its impressive transition through slides. Bullets remain intact and so do the other features in case of a continuation. It works online at no charge.

Slide Rocket- this app is an excellent rival to MC PP albeit it comes at a price. It helps you create the most amazing slides which is the essence of any presentation. The user interface has been thoroughly thought-out and excellent features incorporated. Your slides are rich and elaborate bringing a sense of clarity.

Slide Dog- the popularity of this app is attributed to the fact that it has admirable smart features. These features include provision for real time audience feedback, online sharing as well as live polls. It also allows you to control the presentation using your phone as the remote. The online trial version is an indication of confidence in the app by the developers.

Haiku Deck- this is an iPad specific app for outdoor use. It allows you to prepare slides away from the office and include all the graphics you deem necessary. It offers an easy option of loading the graphics from your gallery, internet or taking photos directly from the iPad.

Raw Shorts- the app is specially designed for a presentation loaded with videos. An interactive and instinctive user interface eliminates the need for prolonged tutorial. The resulting videos and slides are excellent to upload on YouTube, websites, blogs and such platforms.

Sparkol Videoscribe- the software allows you to scribble characters as you create slides and then bring them to life. This is an excellent way of customizing and animating your presentations. This is an intriguing aspect. There are pre-created characters to simplify your experience.

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