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By Robert Sutter

Video is, without question, one of the most important services for Internet marketing companies to bring to the table. I am sure that most will agree with this sentiment, especially when given the success this type of content has had for various brands. With this in mind, you may be curious about how video has been able to grow in popularity. I am of the opinion that this truly kicked off following the advent of video-streaming websites we all know and appreciate.

According to firms such as fishbat, websites like YouTube have been more than instrumental. They have shown just how engaging video content can prove to be, especially with the advent of the Internet we have been able to witness. Businesses can make use of video as well, provided it is made well by Internet marketing companies across the board. With these 3 talking points in mind, hopefully you will be more inclined to make use out of video content as well.

If you want to talk about the perks of video content, its short degree of time cannot be overlooked. This is especially true for Vines, seeing as how they are not only minimal in length but surprisingly engaging when created well. Think about the companies which have not only recognized Vine, as a platform, but took advantage of it for the sake of marketing. There is comparatively little effort seen, in this regard, but it does not take away from the results which can be obtained.

What about the way in which search engines can pick up on video? If you are familiar, at all, with SEO practices, you'll see that video content has a greater chance of ranking highly than, say, content which is related more so to photos. It's not abnormal to see videos achieve high rankings on Google, as long as keyword optimization is set in place. Provided the right practices are set in place, you'll start to see just how useful search engines can prove to be.

Finally, it's important to recognize the sheer level of trust behind video content. For some reason or another, video is able to better captivate an audience, as if they are being spoken to directly by a business or individual. Viewers can better understand a company, from a visual standpoint, and actually see what they have to offer. To put it simply, video adds a personal layer to one's marketing endeavors, which only helps to maintain an audience that much better.

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