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By Olivia Cross

PCB or printed circuit board holds the circuitry that usually handle the computers and electronics. Aircraft, wind turbines, cars and toys belong to the various products and machines using the boards. Usually, a PCB designer is either an engineer or a technician who have the knowledge in electronics and who specialize in this field.

If you are have at least an associate degree in engineering or drafting technology and other similar field, you can be one of the candidates of applying for a position in a company. There are also employers who prefer candidates with bachelors degree in electrical and computer engineering. There are many PCB design companies today that prefer employees who can be designers and someone who is capable to test and develop Printed Circuit Board.

The process often depends on the size, complexity and even to the applications. A specific PCB designer usually works in their office at manufacturing facilities or engineering firms. Their key function is to create the board and its functionality. They will also be using a specialized software. The boards will also be designed with the right specifications and check or verify if the products work in certain conditions.

They usually use a computer aided design tool to create circuitry and will be assembled to the boards. This can specify how they are arranged based on the connections. There are also some designers who want to develop the digital or analog designs while other designers are working in the rout layouts. Most of them ensure that the final products meet the standards of the industry and ready to be fabricated.

Most of them also work as a team and responsible for different portions of the designs. With various designers, large and complex boards, each of them are assigned to the boards. They are also responsible for a set of functions. Although the designers are working independently, it is crucial for the whole team to communicate properly through documentation and meetings.

Thus, each of them is expected to communicate ideas verbally and to explain the Printed circuit board designs in exact details. Usually, a designer is required to have at least two years in associate of science in design and drafting technology and engineering technology or other related programs. However, most companies are hiring candidates with a four year bachelors degree in either computer or electrical engineering.

This is because, the programs in these fields focus on technology, engineering, math and science. Most of the typical courses include electronics principles, computer aided design and circuit designs. In the process, PCB is a vital element of the design of the product.

Therefore, a specialist is required to have the skills and knowledge of the system. It is better for them to have a strong understanding about the standards and some techniques used to make sure that the designs are well transferred to the printed board and manufactured satisfactorily.

It is also important for the boards to be designed properly and satisfactorily. Usually, considering guidelines is also essential to the process. This is quite vital to the entire process and should be followed by a company. These guidelines will also be documented .

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