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By Lena Stephenson

Women are always in fear of going home late at night alone because of the rise of many rape and mug cases that have popped up. Of course in order for them to even up the playing field, a lot of self defense gear for women was made so that women do not need to be scared to walk the streets at night. Here are some that the ladies can buy.

Of course the very first one that most ladies would ever think of buying would be the all famous pepper spray. Now the pepper spray is the most popular among the ladies because it is very easy to carry and it is very easy to use. Basically, it is a chemical spray that also mixes chili peppers in it that would sting the eyes of someone on the receiving end.

Of course there is another variation that one can use which is more expensive but of course more effective. Now this variant is known as the tear gas and is actually more effective than the ordinary can of pepper spray. If an attacker will take even one squirt of this tear gas, he will definitely fall to his knees and start crying.

Now one other very popular things that a lot of women would buy would be the taser. Now there are many kinds of tasers that one can own and they all come in may different shapes and sizes. The most common one would of course be the regular taser which is a rectangle gadget that can emit volts that can actually electrocute a person.

Of course for women, there are many kinds of tasers that can be owned in order to suit their needs. There would also be the lipstick taser which is shaped like a big lipstick and can be pulled out easily. The great thing about this variant is that an attacker will not have a clue that the lipstick actually contains a taser and will be surprised when he gets shocked.

Now there are times when one would not be able to whip out these and use them in time to keep themselves safe. So with this, there are other types of weapons that can be used like a baton. A regular retractable baton can be extended and can really smash an attacker since it is made out of metal.

There is another variation of this called the kubaton which is a small metal pen that is used for short range. Now if one is caught in a lock, then she cannot use the baton to hit the attacker because the attacker is too near. So the best thing she can do is use the kubaton to do a short range attack like a stab attack to the eye or the groin.

So for the women out there who work late and would pass by dark streets, here are some weapons that can be used to keep safe. Now one has to take note that if she has these weapons, she must also be responsible for its usage. She must only use them if she is being attacked.

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