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By Leslie Ball

Getting mugged by a thug at night is actually very common these days with the crime rates going up. In fact, one can just walk around the streets at night and expect to get mugged or robbed by a thief or just a common thug. Of course usually the best thing to do would be to just let them be but there are times that they will not let their victims escape and will want to beat them up. Of course if one is caught up in this kind of situation, he should be prepared with a bunch of self defense products.

Now one of the best types of merchandise that can be used for this kind of situation would be pepper spray. For those who do not know what this is, basically it is a spray that contains some chemicals mixed with chili. Now the whole point of this spray is to burn the eyes of an attacker so that one may run away while the attacker is down.

Of course there would also be a stronger version of this which is known as the tear gas spray. Now this spray is definitely stronger than the pepper spray because it is actually made out from the same stuff that actual tear gas is made out of. One spray of this on the eyes of an attacker and he will be stunned for a few minutes with teary eyes.

Of course there would also be the famous taser that a lot of people would buy in order to protect themselves. Now tasers are great for those who have no fighting experience because they can electrically shock an assailant until the assailant goes down. Now while the assailant is already down, then he can actually get away from the scene.

Of course there is another type of taser that is known as the knuckle taser that is actually more practical. Now this is actually just a pair of wearable knuckles that has a taser in the middle of it. This is actually better than a regular stun gun simply because one can actually just punch out an assailant and electrify him at the same time.

For those who are a little bit stronger, a great self defense weapon would be the metal baton which can really pack a hit. Now since the metal baton is a long range weapon, one can actually protect himself from assailants that would have knives and other kinds of blades. If one would have some martial arts experience, he can even fend off an opponent with a steel pipe and such.

Now the last one would be the kubotan which is used for short range. Now this thing is a pen looking weapon that is made out of steel. If it is used on people, it can actually hurt a lot if one knows what points to hit.

So for those who need weapons for self defense, here are some great things. Of course one has to be careful with them as well. Even if they are not lethal, one can actually be detained for misuse.

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