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By Leslie Ball

Many times, our homes fill up with unused items since we do not know how to deal with them. Selling is usually the first option, but it comes with challenges such as losing value for the item sold. Therefore, the best solution is bartering; where you swap your items with other people's items that are almost of equal value. Bartering was used in the traditional days but has recently found its way back to the business market due its proficiency. The internet has even made it easier since you can trade your items with people all over the world without necessarily meeting them in person. We have listed some of the barter sites where you can exchange anything ranging from clothes to houses.

Zwaggle is a bartering site where you can get and swap baby furniture, beddings, and sporting facilities. The website involves a network of parents who have come together to make getting baby stuff easily available and affordable. To be a member is free, and you get points for every exchange and you can use the points to get other items.

BabysitterExchange helps you in setting up babysitting, pet-sitting, tutoring, and any other activity that can be done at the neighborhood level online. You are required to gather a group of families who trust and are familiar with each other then sign up for the website. You can then plan swapping common tasks such as babysitting and other tasks for free.

SwapStyle deals in exchanging items in the fashion industry. Fashion enthusiasts can swap clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and may other items devoid of being charged any membership fee. For exchanging kids' clothes and things, you can visit thredUP. Parents quickly swap toys and clothing for their children. No membership fee is required, and shipping and collecting a box full of items is only 5 dollars.

PaperBackSwap is a website for swapping paperback books with no membership fee required. Just list the books you want to exchange and the site members will easily find them. In case an individual requests for your books, you need to mail to them and then select the listed books you want. is a website you offer to exchange things you do not use anymore; there is no exchange of money or bidding. From the swap, you will be able to choose from a variety of items like books, CDs, movies and other things. The site service is free, but you will meet the cost of shipping the items you trade.

GoSwap is a site for trading houses permanently. To sign up is free but listing the houses to be traded costs around 9-270$. The site provides an option of listing house you want to exchange after which you look for a house then swap. The site is convenient because all you need to do is find a person to exchange your house with and then get your dream home.

In conclusion, to barter online there are certain tips you ought to consider. Ensure you get familiar with the bartering process, look at the pros and cons and any tax requirements. Also, consider the value of what you are trading; it should reflect its value in monetary terms.

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