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By Earlene McGee

The type of telephone systems you have in place in your organization can either improve your business or send it to the drains. It is for this reason that experts advice that you go for versatile business telephone systems in Vancouver BC that guarantee success. However, you need to know the different types of these systems in order to make a correct choice.

It is important to note that your unique needs will always determine the kind of networks that you can go for. You can choose the keyless system, key telephone system, VoIP, or the Private Branch Exchange systems. If you know the basics of how they operate, features, and type of company each system suits, you will never go wrong.

The keyless ones are quite popular with small companies that have few employees within a range of 5-10 persons. They include only but basic features of networks and with a good brand they can last for a relatively long period of time. Note that these do not have centralized units, and most of the brands cannot be upgraded in any way. All in all, they serve their purpose quite well.

The key ones are great in all manner of ways and come in handy for companies that have between 5-40 employees. They come with all features that a good system should contain, and offer opportunities to add more features. With a centralized unit, it works more efficiently than keyless counterparts. Comparatively, it costs more than the keyless phone systems.

The Private branch Exchange (PBX) telephone systems are known for their efficiency and can only be compared with the best in the industry. Not only do they have the basic features but also advanced features making them ideal for companies that have more than 40 employees. You can always add more advance features that will meet your company needs. Although these are relatively expensive compared to keyless and key ones, in the long run they cut down overall costs associated with communication.

At the moment, VoIP is one of the most advanced of telephone networks on the market. These hi-tech networks enable different branches of a company across the globe exchange information in no time. Voice calls can easily be sent via the internet, or any other platform that includes IP addresses. It is simply the best for communicating with clients who are located on the other end of the globe too. If you have a number, you will not worry where you travel to as you will be able to communicate with the home office.

There are quite a number of benefits that come with using these telephone systems in your business. Firstly, you will be able to communicate effectively within the organization. Secondly, your customers will be well catered for. Finally, you will be able to cut down on overall costs, thereby increasing your profit margins.

You are always advised to use high quality networks when you are thinking of expanding your business to other countries around the globe. In order to achieve success, ensure that your systems is great for the industry within which you operate. As a word of advice, do not compromise on the type of telephone system you install for your business.

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