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By Lelia Hall

In the present times, most start-up projects tend to die off without accomplishing its purpose due to funding problems. We are going to look some ways in which you can choose the best crowdfunding site to ensure you achieve your dreams. Every person desires to see their dream come true but devoid of funds, it can be a challenging venture.

Our world has developed to materialistic such that you require lots of cash to start. In crowdfunding sites, you have the chance of telling other persons your ambitions, and they can reciprocate by helping fund your project by donating cash. As a result, you will have to learn how to use persuasive words to convince the people to help you fund the project.

Many people may wonder how these websites work. It works such that persons with common interests fund both business and personal with their money through donation. The advantage of using this method for generating money is that the sites do not charge you anything until you have raised something, so they take the commission. It also gives your idea a great platform for publicity for free hence you have nothing to lose.

One of the websites is Kickstarter. It has helped launch over 60000 projects and helped raise more than 200 million dollars. The site accepts funding for all projects except scholarship, charity, vacations and awareness campaigns. And the people who have benefited from these funding totally deserved it. The process of registering is quite simple because it just needs signing up for an account in which you fill out the information regarding your project. Also, ensure that, all details about your project are right so that the admin can have an easy time reviewing the projects for easy acceptance of applications.

Kickstarter has some special features that make it successful. First there is a backer reward where you make a small prize for backers whom you will reward when you have succeeded in your funding. You are only charged five percent commission for the projects that have succeeded. Afterwards, Amazon Payment processes the funds after the crowdfunding procedure has been successful. The site is exclusively for US citizens since you need a social security number for registration.

The next website is the IndieGoGo that means independence. It is also another helpful site that will help you raise funds for your personal projects. It works more the same way as the Kickstarter so you will find it easy to use if you have used Kickstarter before.

The main difference is it accepts charity donations, and the Backer reward is the perks on this site. You can quickly receive funding whether you are a resident or not. The payment option of the IndieGoGo website is PayPal. The website charges small charges on for different reasons such as raised fund fee, credit card processing, plus wiring fee for non-US citizens.

Lastly, for you to have a successful venture on these sites, you need to have a workable strategy. Get to know the site that fits your project. Always be keen on fees charged by websites and set achievable goals. It is like a marketing campaign and so, you must be persuasive for it to create traffic on social media platforms.

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