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By Lena Stephenson

For activities to be carried out effectively in a given area, one needs to have the necessary resources that will be used to reach the goal. The resources used can at times be difficult to acquire thus the existence of a barter and trade online system that different people can use to get what they want. This type of trading system is a new development that has been recently introduced to improve the previous means of trading used.

This system has existed for a long period of time. The adverse changes in the technological sector has made this traditional means of acquiring goods applicable in the modern society. Previously, people would go to the market place to trade what they had to get the goods they needed. It was a crude method used since it had many limitations that would make it impossible for use in the current time.

This is because no monetary system is required as goods on this particular platform are swapped with other goods completing the transaction in place. There are no major formalities involved in the transaction procedure. The only issue that can arise is the value a certain product might have in the market.

This double coincidence of wants was a huge limitation at that time since there is no medium of exchange required in this type of transaction. Communication was also a challenge at that time therefore people interested in certain products would not link up and do as required. People would also not know if there was a person interested in a certain product.

The limitations of this trading system were to many thus the improvement on this given sector. This is due to the fact of how effective and efficient this specific type of trading is. Otherwise its application would have been scrapped off ages ago. The ability of not needing a medium of exchange is what makes it gain popularity among people.

Another reason for its popularity is the ability of multiple parties that it can accommodate. The parties involved can easily agree on the type of goods or services they require from each other. If one meets the condition of double coincidence then the swap can happen without the need to use a monetary system.

It is more popular among the average individuals in the society who do not have huge amounts of income. Also by the people who have a low standard of living. The amount of money they get cannot be misused in any manner therefore it needs to be used wisely. The ability to acquire goods one requires without necessarily having to use money is what makes it preferred by most people experiencing such conditions.

Therefore the revolutionary improvements of this trading system into an online type of system is a huge advancement in the application of the internet. It has changed how people think and consequently their approach on how they conduct certain activities. The internet has provided various options to people today with the numerous applications it can do.

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