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By Robert Sutter

Internet marketing companies can speak volumes about the possibilities associated with Facebook. This type of social media website is one of the strongest, which goes without saying, and I believe that this is best illustrated by the many businesses which use it. Some of them go about this more effectively than others. For those who find themselves struggling, as far as engagement on Facebook is concerned, there are quite a few points to draw attention to.

Keep in mind that Facebook is a platform which anyone can get involved in. You have to consider that Facebook attracts everyone - regardless of age, background, gender, or what have you - and some people are able to use it more effectively than others. As a result, it's important to understand how social media can be used poorly, which is what firms such as fishbat can cover. Here are 3 of the biggest ways in which Facebook may be misused, according to Internet marketing companies across the board.

Poor Facebook engagement, in many cases, stems from the purposeful creation of fights. A message you post may be designed to directly target someone you know, which means that you will more than likely have to deal with someone fighting back. This is especially troublesome when you consider that other Facebook members you know can offer their own thoughts. To say that this is a problem, for businesses and individuals alike, would be an understatement.

What about game invites, which are rather popular on Facebook? There was a time when Candy Crush Saga was the most popular game online; it was not abnormal, for me, to receive a dozen or so invitations about it. I would be told to play with others, which I didn't want to; Candy Crush Saga simply did not interest me. If you're looking to increase your socialization, on Facebook, you have to be careful about how many invites you send out to your friends.

Finally, you may start to become inconsistent when it comes to posting messages on Facebook. To say that this is an issue would be an understatement, especially when you think about how news feeds may start to appear emptier in due time. This is due to the fact that you have engaged very little with others; less news will be visible, by proxy. In order to avoid this from occurring, there is a simple solution to carry out: log onto Facebook and post more often.

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